CS Instruments Residual Oil Content Measurement OILCHECK According to ISO 8573 - Mobile Solution

The residual oil content sensor OIL check measures the vaporous residual oil content in the compressed air. By means of a sample taking a representative part volume flow is taken from the compressed air and led to the OIL check. Due to the continuous measurement threshold value exceeding will be recognized immediately and remedial actions can be initiated to ensure oil-free compressed air.


  • Ideal for mobile measurement: The PID sensor is ready for measurement within about 30 minutes
  • OIL-Check 400 – residual oil measurement of the vaporous residual oil content from 0.001…2.5 mg/m³, 3…16 bar. Highly precise PID sensor, integrated mini catalyst for zero point calibration
  • Mobile transport trolley including roles (outer dimensions: 1.0 x 0.7 x 0.35 m (W x H x D) with firmly mounted components of OIL-Check 400, PC 400, FA 510
  • Mobile sampling system consisting of 2 m PTFE hose, quick lock coupling (oil- and grease-free)
  • PC 400 particle counter up to 0.1 µm for compressed air and gases, incl. pressure reducer/sampling hose, calibration certificate, Modbus-RTU interface
  • FA 510 dew point sensor, -80°…+20°Ctd, incl. mobile measuring chamber and 5 m connection cable to portable devices
  • DS 500 mobile – intelligent chart recorder with 4 sensors inputs
  • CS Basic – data evaluation in graphic and table form – readout of the measured data via USB or Ethernet. License for 2 working places


  • Measuring compressed air quality


  • Measured medium: Compressed air, free from aggressive, corrosive,
    acid, toxic, fl ammable and oxidising components.
  • Measuring unit: Residual oil content in mg oil/norm m³ relative to
    1.0 bar [abs], +20 °C, 0% relative humidity, in accordance with ISO 8573-1
  • Identifi able substances: Hydrocarbons, functional hydrocarbons, aromatic
  • Field of application: After activated carbon fi lter, after activated carbon
    adsorber, after oil-free compressor, always with connected upstream fi ltration and dryer
  • Ambient temperature: +5 °C… +45 °C, rel. humidity <= 75% without condensation
  • Pressure dew point: max. +10 °Ctd.
  • Compressed air temp.: +5 °C… +50 °C
  • Operational overpressure:
    3…16 bar [ü] optional pressure reducer connected
    upstream for up to 300 bar [ü]
  • Setting operational
    By means of integrated pressure reducer with display
  • Humidity of measured
    <= 40% rel. humidity, pressure dew point max.
    +10 °C, non-condensable humidity
  • Compressed air connection:
    G 1/8″ female thread according to ISO 228-1
  • Measured values: mg/norm m³, pressure and temperature compensated
    residual oil vapour content
  • Measuring range: 0.001 … 2.5 mg/m³
  • Detection limit
    (residual oil):
    0.001 mg/m³
  • Flow of measuring gas: approx. 1.20 norm litres/minute, relative to 1.0 bar
    [abs] and + 20 °C, in a relaxed state
  • Reference gas generation:
    By means of integrated mini catalyst
  • Power supply: 100…240 VAC / 1 Ph. / PE / 50…60 Hz / ± 10%
  • Outputs: Ethernet interface (Modbus/TCP), RS 485 interface
    (Modbus-RTU), 2 alarm relays (change 230 VAC 3A),
    4…20 mA (on request)
  • Operating hours counter:
  • Dimensions (mm): 410 x 440 x 163 (W x H x D)
  • Weight: approx. 16.3 kg


Datasheet : CS Instruments Residual Oil Content Measurement OILCHECK According to ISO 8573 – Mobile Solution

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