Wenglor HD12PCT3 Reflex Sensor with Background Suppression

These sensors detect distance by measuring angles.

These sensors detect distance by measuring angles. They are particularly good at recognizing objects in front of any background. The color, shape and surface characteristics of the object have practically no influence on sensor switching performance.


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Electronic background suppression
  • Red light
  • Teach-in, external teach-in


Leading Edge Detection of Furniture Parts Made of Panel Materials with Reflex Sensors with Background Suppression

During furniture production, chips accumulate on the surface due to drilling, milling or grooving. Special cleaning systems are available for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Reflex sensors with background suppression in the metric stainless steel housing are used to detect the front edges of the dirty plates from distances of up to 120 mm. This allows the plates to be positioned. Thanks to the robust stainless steel and background suppression, dust, chips and dirt do not influence detection – regardless of the shape, color and surface of the material.

Reflex Sensors With Background Suppression

Reflex sensors with background suppression detect and measure objects contactlessly and detect them in front of any defined background. They work with red light, infrared light, blue light or laser light. Thanks to the principle of angle measurement, the color, shape and object surface have no influence on the switching behavior of the sensors.


Optical Data

Range 120 mm
Setting Range 35 … 120 mm
Switching Hysteresis  < 5 %
Light Source Red Light
Service Life (T = +25 °C) 100,000 h
Max. Ambient Light 10,000 Lux

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 10 … 30 V DC
Current Consumption (Ub = 24 V) < 30 mA
Switching Frequency 750 Hz
Response Time 667 µs
On-/Off-Delay (RS-232) 0 … 1 s
Temperature Drift < 5 %
Temperature Range -25 … 60 °C
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 2.5 V
PNP Switching Output/Switching Current 200 mA
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Overload Protection yes
Teach Mode HT, VT
Protection Class III

Mechanical Data

Setting Method Teach-In
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Full Encapsulation yes
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 × 1; 4-pin


PNP NO/NC switchable yes
RS-232 with Adapterbox yes

Adjustable parameters

Other parameters Off-delay

Table 1

Detection Range 60 mm 120 mm
Light Spot Diameter 2 mm 4 mm


Datasheet : Wenglor HD12PCT3 Reflex Sensor with Background Suppression

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