Flowma WBC Series Batch Controller

Flowma WBC Series Batch Controller is a quantitative control instrument/batch controller that can cooperate with all kinds of flow sensors and transmitters to realize quantitative measurement

Flowma WBC Series Batch Controller is a quantitative control instrument/batch controller that can cooperate with all kinds of flow sensors and transmitters to realize quantitative measurement, quantitative filling, quantitative batching, batching, quantitative water injection, and quantitative control of various liquids.

Flowma WBC Batching Control error is less than 0.2%F.S, and it has the function of adjustment and digital filtering, which can help toreduce the error of sensor and transmitter and improve the measurement and control precision of the system


  • Flow sensor suitable for current, voltage and pulse output.
  • 3 switch input,
    a. start
    b. recovery
    c. each accumulated value cleared.
  • Point control output, for large valve, small valve hierarchical control and instantaneous flow limit alarm.
  • Variable output can be instantaneous flow value in the form of standard current,
  • voltage output, for other equipment use.
  • The 8 section linear correction can reduce the nonlinear error of the flow sensor.
  • Instantaneous flow can be chosen according to hour or minute.
  • Transparent, high-speed, efficient network communication interface, to achieve complete data transmission and control between computers and meters. The unique control transfer function enables the computer to control the working state and the output of the instrument directly. The time to read the measurement data is less than 10ms.
  • Provide test software, configuration software and application software technology support.
  • With a hardware clock print interface and print unit, to achieve manual, timing, alarm printing function. If the intelligent printing unit is selected, more than 1 printers can be shared by many meters.
  • 3 relay control output
    a. large valve
    b. small valve hierarchical control
    c. pump control.


  • Custody industry
  • Batching & Filling industry
  • Food and Baverage


Work power A.24VDC , Power consumption ≤10W
B.85-220VAC, Power consumption ≤10W
Input A.Thermocouple Standard thermocouples — K, E, B, J, N, T, S
B.Resistance standard thermal resistance — Pt100, Pt1000
C.Current 0 ~ 10mA, 4 ~ 20mA
D.Voltage 0-5V, 1-5V
E.Pulse volume rectangular shape, sine wave and triangular wave,amplitude more than requirements).4V,frequency 0 ~ 10KHz (or according to user
Output Analog output  DC 0~10mA(Load resistance≤750Ω)
DC 4~20mA(Load resistance≤500Ω)
Control output  3 way relay output(Large valve, small valve, pump), AC220V/3A; DC24V/6A (resistive load)
Communication output Standard serial communication interface: RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet
Feed output  DC24V, the load is less than or equal to 100mA; DC12V, the load is less than or equal to 200mA
Print Serial thermal printer direct printing instrument data, real-time print material data, print data can be customized
Display mode A. backlit screen 128 x 64 dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display
B. historical cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, medium temperature, medium density, flow (differential current, frequency), clock, alarm status.
C. 0 ~ 999999 instantaneous flow value
D. 0 ~ 99999999.9999 cumulative value
E. -9999 ~ 9999 temperature compensation
F. -99999 ~ 999999 flow (pressure, frequency) value
G.Size: 152mm * 76mm
Measurement accuracy Measurement accuracy: + 0.2%FS + 1 word or 0.5%FS + 1 word; frequency 0.2%.conversion accuracy: 1 pulse (LMS) is generally better than
Protection mode A.power accumulated value time more than 20 years
B.Automatic reset, power supply under pressure
C.abnormal automatic reset (Watch Dog)
D.resettable fuse, short circuit protection


Flowma WBC Series Batch Controller

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