Leuze Sensor DDLS 200 with 2 Mbit/s transmission rate

Leuze Sensor DDLS 200 optical data transceiver from Leuze electronic transmits data from industrial networks via infrared light without contact or wear.

Leuze Sensor DDLS 200 optical data transceiver from Leuze electronic transmits data from industrial networks via infrared light without contact or wear. Transmission is fast, deterministic and immune to interference. The method of function is absolutely transparent: This means that the optical data transceiver does not represent a participant on a given network, but rather handles data communication without intervening in the communication process. Thus, it functions as reliably and as simply as a copper cable.

  • The optical data transceivers are used primarily in plant engineering, especially in applications where industrial networks such as PROFIBUS, DeviceNet or Ethernet etc. are transmitted to system components which are moved. Examples include high-bay storage devices, gantry crane bridges or side-tracking skates.
  • The DDLS 200 supports all of the major international interfaces
  • Infrared data transmission protects the DDLS 200 from interference.
  • The fast transmission rates and enormous operating ranges of up to 500 m make the DDLS 200 an essential centrepiece in modern plant engineering.


  • Integrated mechanics for fastening and aligning the data path. The result: very simple mounting.
  • Robust metal housing with protection class IP 65 offers optimum protection against electromagnetic interference injection.
  • M12 connections with ready-made cables make the connection of additional M12 participants incredibly simple and error free.
  • The integrated and patented alignment method facilitates the alignment of both devices by one person and can be activated with a simple push of a button.
  • One for all. The DDLS 200 series supports all major international interfaces such as PROFIBUS, Ethernet, DeviceNet, CANopen etc. Individual approvals, such as UL for the American market, have been obtained.
  • The integrated control panel with diagnostic functions provides extensive information on the status of the data communication. Signal strengths, transmitted and received data, the alignment or light beam interruptions are reliably displayed.


During use in extreme environmental conditions, e.g. outdoors or in deep-freeze warehouses, integrated heating ensures reliable and fault-free operation at temperatures as low as -30 °C.


Electrical data
Supply voltage 18 … 30 V DC
Current consumption without optics heating approx. 200 mA with 24 V DC
Current consumption with optics heating approx. 800 mA with 24 V DC
Optical data
Opening angle ± 0.5° with respect to the optical axis for 120 m … 500 m models
± 1.0° with respect to the optical axis for 80 m models
± 1.5° with respect to the optical axis for 30 m models
Input 0 … 2 V DC: transmitter/receiver deactivated 18 … 30 V DC: transmitter/receiver activated
Output 0 … 2 V DC: normal operation

Vin – 2 V DC: limited performance reserve Output current max. 100 mA, short-circuit proof

Operating and display elements
Membrane buttons change of operating mode
Individual LEDs indicate voltage supply, operating mode, data traffic (depends on the model)
LED strip bar graph display of the receiving level
Mechanical data
Protection class IP 65 acc. to EN 60529
Weight approx. 1200 g
Housing aluminium diecast; light inlet/outlet, glass
Environmental data
Operating temperature -5 °C … +50 °C without integrated heating

-30 °C … +50 °C with integrated heating (non-condensing)

Air humidity max. 90 % rel. humidity, non-condensing
EMC EN 61000-6-2:2005 and EN 61000-6-4:2001
UL listed acc. to UL 60950 and CSA C22.2 No. 60950


Datasheet : Gastec TG-1 Toxic Gas Detection Kit

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