Siko GP03/1 Geared Potentiometer

Siko GP03/1 Geared Potentiometer comprises two main components. One is a measuring gear with precision gear wheels.

Siko GP03/1 Geared Potentiometer: Potentiometric rotation angle transducers are becoming increasingly important in analog measuring applications requiring high-quality industrial measurement results today due to their excellent cost-benefit ratio.

A Design and functionality of Siko GP03/1 Geared Potentiometer

A geared potentiometer comprises two main components. One is a measuring gear with precision gear wheels. The other is an electric resistor element with a variable resistance value that is adjusted by turning. The gear unit and potentiometer are assembled at the works with minimum backlash. The integrated slip clutch used in multi-coil potentiometers serves to prevent overrunning of the mechanical stops. A geared potentiometer, therefore, emits an ohmic output signal that is proportional to the number of turns.


  • Solid shaft Ø 4 mm or Ø 6 mm
  • Adaptation to various measurement distances owing to a wide range of gear ratios
  • Integrated slip clutch to protect the potentiometer
  • Compact design
  • Potentiometer, power or voltage output
  • IP65 protection class


Siko incremental rotary encoders are more suitable for endless rotational applications, for example rotation measurement or non-contacting measuring assignments as well as applications involving shocks or vibration.


Feature Technical data Additional information
Shaft stainless steel
Housing reinforced plastic / aluminum
Gear ratio 0.2 … 256
Speed ≤500 rpm depending on the transmission
Shaft load rating ≤400 N radial
≤150 N axial
Potentiometer service life 1 x 106 revolution(s)


Datasheet: Siko GP03,1 Geared Potentiometer

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