Flowma Flowmag Wmag30 Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Flowma WMAG30 Electromagnetic series intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to the law of electromagnetic induction to measure conductivity fluids flowing in pipes such as well water, sea water, wastewater, slurry water, drinking water, acid liquid, food slurry, syrup, sugar water and others. .

flowma magnetic flow meter is widely used in the food and beverage industry, sewage treatment, river or rainwater drainage, water treatment, petrochemical, power generation, mining, agriculture, automotive industry, refrigeration systems and other industries.

The flowma wmag30 electromagnetic flow meter has 2 main parts, namely an electromagnetic flow sensor and an electromagnetic flow transmitter or called a converter. Each part has its own characteristics and functions.


  • No moving part
  • No pressure Lost
  • Accuracy +-0,5% of reading
  • With variety material that can customized, Make very suitable for your application
  • Up to 180 deg Celsius
  • Provides control output in pulse, analog 4-20mA, RS45 to hardware communication


  • Sanitary Sawage
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Acid and alkali solution
  • River water/tap water
  • Drilling & Mining


Model Tipe Compact, Tipe Remote
Jangkauan Ukuran DN10 DN2600
Electrode Standart Ti
Option Mo2TI, HC, HB, Pt, Ta, Ti, Jenis Kebisingan Rendah
Liner Standart Polyurethane
Option PTFE, PFA, Neoprene, Hard Rubber ( Conductive rubber : >DN100mm)
Model Elektroda Type Standard, Type Scraper (solid content: DN 50)
Medium Conducting medium (solid content: 5%)
Konduktivitas Listrik 5 s/cm (water 20 s/cm)
Akurasi 0.5%RS. (0.2%RS Untuk special)
Akurasi Pengulangan 0.1%
Flow speed Range 0-12m/s
Suhu Medium Compact 90 C, Remote 180 C
Suhu Sekitar -40 65C
Tekanan Kerja 0.6 MPa 4.0 MPa, (Termasuk Super High Pressure)
Kelas Perlindungan IP65, IP67, (IP68 Remote)
EX md  II BT4
Output 4-20mA, Pulse/Frequency, Switch signal
Daya 85-220V AC; 24V DC
Disconnection Timing Termasuk
Blank Pipe Alarm Termasuk
Communication RS485/Modbus, PROFIBUS DP, HART
Language Display Simple Chinese, English, Others.
Flange Standart GB9115, ANSI, JIS, Others
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