Nanaboshi NCS-304-RF

NANABOSHI are manufacture a high quality Connector for telecommunications devices, Industrial equipment, Electrical power equipment, Measuring devices, Electronic devices etc. with wide range of connectors type such as :

  • NET Series
  • NEW Series
  • NJC Series
  • NR Series
  • NJW Series
  • NRW Series
  • NCS Series
  • NWPC Series
  • NT Series
  • NHVC Series
  • NMI Series

Metal connectors for indoor use: NCS, NJC, NR, NET, etc. Waterproof metal connectors for outdoor use: NWPC, NJW, NRW, NEW, NHVC, etc. Waterproof Ethernet Connector for outdoor: ENJW series, ENRW series Stocks include the highly versatile NCS series of metal connectors (plugs) for indoor use, as well as the NJC series of up to 24 pins, the one-touch lock type NR series, the NWPC series of water-resistant outdoor connectors, the NJW series, NRW series, ENJW series, ENRW series, etc. (excluding certain sizes).

Weight 0.3 kg


  • Basic Type of round connectors usable for all kinds of circuits
  • Solid and simple construction provides mechanical and electricalstabillity
  • Thermosetting epoxy resins have been employed for insulator
  • Seven kinds of shell sie and various shell type are available for a variety of applications


Material and Finish :

  • Shell : Zinc alloy die casting or Brass and finish : Chrome plating
  • Insulator : Epoxy resin
  • Contact : Copper alloy and finish : Nickel,Silver or Gold plating
  • Cable termination : Soldering
  • Temperature tolerance level: -40″C to +120″C

Order Coding

NCS -304-RF :

  • NCS : Series designation
  • 30 : Shell size
  • 4 : Number of contact
  • R : Shell shape
  • SP : Shorting cap plug
  • GP : Pipe thread plug
  • R : Receptacle
  • Ad : Adapter
  • Ad(F) : Adapter with flange
  • M : Male
  • F : Female


Datasheet :


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