VSE VHM Gear Flow Meter

VSE VHM series was developed in particular for the high precision measurement of abrasive and poorly lubricating media. The gear flow meters work in accordance with the displacement principle and are suitable for a variety of fluids.

Each tooth generates a pulse when it passes the contactless signal pick-up system in accordance with the carrier frequency principle. The VHM flow meters are available with single, double and quad resolution and signal output with NPN or PNP modes. The flow meters are also dead space-optimised for (flush-friendly) usage in the painting industry.

VSE have developed a high precision flow meter for a wide variety of liquids, especially liquids with high abrasiveness and poor lubricity. Applications include: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, two-component mixers, paints, aviation. VHM flow meters are dead space optimised for use in the paint industry and for paint spraying systems (easy flushing).

Gear Flow Meter VHM Series

They are positive displacement units based on the meshing gear principle. Each tooth generates an impulse by recognition of the gear rotation by a non-contact detection system according to the carrier frequency principle. VHM flow meters are available with single, double or quadruple resolution, signal-output with NPN- or PNP- switching mode. Signal pick-ups with -certification (EEx ia llC T6… T4) and signal pick-ups with a fibre optic output are applicable for hazardous locations.


  • Flow range 0.01 to 20 l/min
  • Pressure range up to 250 bar
  • Temperature rang -20 to +120°C
  • Frequency range up to 1000 Hz
  • Viscosity range 1 to 20,000 cSt


  • For a variety of fluids, in particular abrasive and poorly lubricating media
  • Different signal resolutions (single, double, quad)
  • Dead space-optimised for use in the painting industry
  • Best surface finish for flushability


  • Inks
  • Paint
  • Chemical technology
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • 2-C systems
  • Petrochemicals
  • Multi-component painting systems


Size Flow range K-factor Imp. / l
l / min GPM Imp./ l Imp. / Gal.
VHM 01–2 0.01 … 1 l / min 0.003 … 0.264 approx. 22,000 approx. 87,000
VHM 02–1 0.05 … 2 l / min 0.013 … 0.528 approx. 8,800 approx. 33,311.872
VHM 02–2 0.10 … 4 l / min 0.026 … 1.056 approx. 4,400 approx. 16,655.936
VHM 02–3 0.40 … 8 l / min 0.106 … 2.113 approx. 2,200 approx. 8,327.968
VHM 03–2 0.50 … 20 l / min 0.132 … 5.283 approx. 1,000 approx. 3,785.44


Body Stainless steel 1.4404 (316)
Gears Stainless Steel 1.4462 (316)
Bearings Tungsten Carbide
Seals FEP-FKM (Standard)

NBR (Upon Request

PTFE (Upon Request)

K-factor See Calibration certificate for precise data

Special designs and materials are available on request.


VSE VHM Gear Flow Meter

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