Maeda Koki FITV type Flow Indicator

This product is a manifold-type galvanometer that detects the flow of fluid and also has the function of distributing to each branch pipe.

The valve of each branch pipe can be adjusted while observing the position of the ball using the red line displayed on the taper pipe as a guide.

You can distribute the fluid you need.
The number of branch pipes of this product can be manufactured from 2 to 14 stations.
The flow rate per branch pipe that can be used with this product is approximately 100cc / min to approximately 3.6L / min (in the case of oil).

Please contact us if you are outside the area. We can also manufacture holders with Rc3 / 4 and Rc1 entrances.


  • It shows flow quantity by viewing Because it use a transparent taper pipe, MKT can confirm approximate flow quantity by looking at a ball (or a float) and the position with the indication red line concerned.
  • The installation direction does not matter Because it use a spring inside, the posture when it attach it looks up and looks down and can perform sideways-facing freely.


MKT is a flow indicator, flow switch, and flow control depending on the type. It can confirm approximate flow quality of the water by viewing.


Standard specifications

Rc internal thread
Change to R screw
The combination with the R screw is possible, too,
 Heat-resistant temperature
A maximum of 80 degrees Celsius
Withstand pressure
Transparent pipe
C3604 (brass)
I can produce the product made in SUS, too.
Nylon ball
Nylon 66
I may use a cylindrical float.
O ring
Nitrile rubber


Datasheet: Maeda Koki FITV type Flow Indicator

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