Technoton DFM Marine 2000 Series Fuel Flowmeter

DFM Marine is used in telematics systems (GPS tracking systems) and as an autonomous fuel monitoring solution. DFM Marine is installed in the fuel line of the engine/boiler/burner, directly measures fuel consumption, and generates an output signal, which is sent to the telematics unit (GPS tracker).

Description of  Technoton DFM Marine 2000 Series Fuel Flowmeter

is a high-precision tool for fuel consumption measurement in water transport, locomotives, powerful diesel generators, burners, and quarry vehicles. May be used both as part of the Telematics system and autonomously.


  • compliance with Units, Database, and cabling system S6 Technology*;
  • IoT_Burger Technology provides internal data processing (Parameter filtration and normalization, Events logging, Counters recording) for easier server operation and data traffic saving;
  • recording real fuel consumption and operation time of fuel consumer – total and in different consumption modes: “Idle”, “Optimal”, “Overload”, “Tampering” and “Interference”;
  • conformity to the Rules of the American Bureau of Shipping;
  • implementation of data transfer using NMEA 2000 marine equipment communication protocol allows to integrate of the flow meter into ship automation systems*;
  • maximum information richness of output data and high reliability of data transmission over S6 Technology*;
  • unique self-diagnostics feature to monitor the stability and accuracy of data*;
  • thermal correction function with an adjustable coefficient which ensures automatic correction of values to the ambient temperature**;
  • setting the boundaries of operation modes for hourly consumption2;
  • operability in fuel systems with high (up to +150 °C) temperature of measured liquid***;
  • uniting up to 240 pcs. of fuel flow meters based on S6 Technology to form a single network****;
  • application of methods of differential calculus or summation of fuel consumption readings in case of connection of up to 16 pairs of flow meters based on S6 Technology, without mutual calibration of each pair****;
  • wireless transmission of data using S7 Technology via Bluetooth Low Energy channel simultaneously to many receiving devices (Android-based smartphones/tablets, the Telematics terminal, the display in the driver’s cabin)*****;
  • operation in the «advertising» mode (BLE-radio) — continuous transmission of measurement results, with no need of integration with receiving devices*****;
  • ultra-low power consumption provides completely independent flow meter operation for up to 5 years from the inbuilt battery, without the external power supply*****;
  • convenient monitoring readings of the flow meter mounted in a remote location of a fuel system with difficult access to it*****;
  • quick installation without laying the signal cable; no electric connection to the flow the meter is required*****;
  • explosion and fire safety without additional modules of spark protection*****;
  • enhanced resistance to vandalism*****;
  • protection against unauthorized interference in operation and data “tampering”;
  • resettable Counters of liquid consumption and operation time of flow meter;
  • the embedded battery allows data (Counters, Events) storage in the internal non-volatile memory of the flow meter when the external power supply is switched off;
  • measuring chamber is made of high-strength anti-corrosion material – brass;
  • installed in the fuel line using thread or flange connection elements;
  • rotating flange makes it easy to adjust the sizes of holes for bolts during the flow meter mounting in fuel systems of sea vessels, railway locomotives, and industrial facilities equipment;
  • vent valve eliminates the formation of condensate inside the flow meter electronic unit which is essential for equipment operating in conditions of the high level of humidity and significant temperature fluctuations;
  • duralumin casing coated using the method of anodic oxidation provides reliable protection from mechanical damage;
  • electronic part of DFM Marine can be disconnected without dismounting the flow meter from the fuel line;
  • straight segments of the fuel line are not necessary for flow meter installation;
  • accuracy of measurement is not decreasing when the flow meter is operated in tough operating conditions;
  • minimum fluid flow resistance;
  • 100 % of DFM Marine are verified with a certified metrological test rig;
  • high quality mounting accessories
  • conformity with European and national standards and directives;
  • high-quality technical support and documentation.


* For DFM Marine CCAN models.
** For DFM Marine with interface cable (DFM Marine CK/CCAN models).
*** Special modification of DFM Marine. We can manufacture any model of the flow meter.
**** For DFM Marine CCAN with the firmware version not lower than 6.30, in case of using Service DFM Marine software, versions from 3.02 and higher.
***** For wireless flow meters (model DFM Marine S7).


DFM Marine is used for monitoring fuel consumption and operating time of the engine (fuel consumer), and is suitable for:

  • water transport – sea and river vessels;
  • locomotives and railway machines;
  • quarrying and mining machinery;
  • powerful diesel generators, boilers, and burners.


  • Nominal diameter: DN20
  • Maximum flow rate (Qmax): 2 m3/h
  • Minimum flow rate (Qmin): 0.04 m3/h
  • Starting flow rate*: 0.02 m3/h
  • Maximum inaccuracy rate: ±0.5 %
  • The nominal volume of the measuring chamber: 75 ml
  • Measurement chamber material: brass
  • Body and connection materials: duralumin (A models), brass (L models)
  • Type of connection to fuel line: flange type of connection (F models), thread type of connection (T models)
  • Ingress protection rating: IP54
  • Maximum pressure of working fluid
    • flange type ofconnection: 25 bar
    • thread type of connection: 16 bar
  • Maximum temperature of working fluid: +95 to +150°C
  • Fluid kinematic viscosity: 1.5…6.0 mm2/s(cSt)
  • Installation length
    • flange type of connection: 200 mm
    • thread type of connection: 190 mm
  • Distance of flange holes flange type of connection: 75 mm
  • Type of connection thread (BSP) thread type of connection: 1 inch
  • Maximum size of foreign particles in the working fluid 0.40 mm
  • Maximum weight
    • 2.7 kg (TA models)
    • 3.3 kg (FA models)
    • 4.4 kg (TL models)
    • 6.3 kg (FL models)


Technoton DFM Marine 2000 Series Fuel Flowmeter

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