Elster Gas Meter BKG4

The household membrane gas meter of BK-G4 meets the highest requirements from the point of view of the accuracy of measurement and safety. It unites in itself (himself) innovative technologies and long-term know-how in the sphere of measurement of volume of gas. The BK-G4 counter is delivered in a compound form in options for connection to double-walled ilidvukhnitochny gas pipelines. It is entered in the State register of means of measuring equipment of Ukraine at number U561-09. The movement of membranes is limited to the pneumatic management providing low load of bearings and low noise level during the work. The synthetic membrane is stable by the sizes and has the ellipse form. Use of materials of the superior quality and patented the K-System systems are provided by compliance to the highest quality standards.

The K-System system ideally synchronizes the movement of valves according to supply of gas in measuring chambers. It guarantees excellent linearity even when using small valves. Are approved by the German Federal physics and technology center. Residential diaphragm gas meters G1.6/ G2.5/ G4


Materials: natural gas, household gas, propane, butane, air *
Areas: gas supply
Task: measurement of volume of gas under operating conditions
Media : Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, air*
Industry : Gas supply

Main features

Approved to EN 1359 by German DVGW

  • Flow rates from
    G1.6 : 0.016 m³/h to 2.5m³ /h
    G2.5 : 0.025 m³/h to 4 m³/h
    G4 : 0.04 m³/h to m³/h
  • Cyclic Volume 1.2 liters
  • Min. reading:0.2 m³
  • Max. reading:99999.99 m³
  • The Max. permissible errors:
    G1.6/ G2.5/ G4
    Qmin≤Q<0.1Qmax ±3%
    0.1Qmax≤q<Qmax ±1.5%G1.6T/ G2.5T/ G4T
    Qmin≤Q<0.1Qmax ±3%
    0.1Qmax≤q<Qmax ±2%
  • Max. working pressure:
  • QK4000(G1.6/ G2.5/ G4): 150KPA
    QK4000(G1.6T/ G2.5T/ G4T):150KPA


  • Maximum volume expense of qmax gas, m3/year 6,0
  • Maximum excessive working pressure of gas, kPa, 50
  • Threshold of sensitivity of qstart counters, m3/year, 0,003
  • Average loss of pressure at volume expense of qmax, Pa, 200
  • Relation of the maximum and minimum expenses of gas, 150:1
  • Capacity: from 0,016 m3/h to 2,5 m3/h
  • Mezhpoverochny interval, 8 years
  • Average service life of the counter, year, not less than 20 years
  • It is entered in the State register of means of measuring equipment of Ukraine at number U561-09.
  • The design of counters has the dvozolotnikovy mechanism.
  • The design of counters provides a possibility of establishment of the converter of electric signals of low frequency without damage of a testing seal of the registration mechanism for systems of automatic remote reading of indicators about the volume of consumption of natural gas.
  • Ambient temperature: from -36 °C to 60 °C
  • The type of counters has bilateral performance: left-side and right-hand.
  • Counters have connecting branch pipes with a carving: 3/4″
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