Flowma TGF06D-A Air Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Flowma TGF06D-A is based on the thermodynamic principle and can measure air velocity and air volume, There are 2 temperature sensors inside the probe one for temperature measurement, and the other one as a measuring conveyor after heating.

Flowma TGF06D-A Features

  • Flowma TGF06D-A Temperature difference between the two as a basis for measuring flow rate. When the medium flow rate increases, the temperature difference decreases.
  • The temperature difference is converted to standard signal output after processing which is why the flow rate can be measured by these two sensors. All-metal housing, suitable for a variety of pipe diameters.


  • Thermal mass flow sensor
  • Can measure air velocity and air volume
  • Analog / RS-485 / Impulse output
  • Built-in temperature compensation, accurate measurement
  • Using constant temperature anemometer(CTA) technology, good sensitivity
  • Unit setting:[m/s], [ft/s], [Nm 3 /h], [L/min], [°C], [°F]
  • Strong stainless steel housing, for a variety of harsh environments


  • Semiconductor
  • Electronics
  • Papermaking
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology industry
  • Plant CDA system
  • Refrigerated dryer adsorption
  • PSA nitrogen(N 2 ) generator



Air velocity sensor Thermal mass flow sensor
Measuring range Air:0 … 120 m/s
Minimum initial value 0.2 m/s
Installation angle effect <3% of the measured value
(When the installation angle<10 °)


Output signal 4 … 20 mA+RS-485
0… 10 V+RS-485
RS-485 & Impulse (1 … 500 Hz)
Signal connection 3-wire
Warm-up time About 60 sec
Response time t90≦3 sec
Load resistance Voltage output:≧100 KΩ
Current output:≦250 Ω


Accuracy ±1.5% F.S.
Temp. influence 0.05% / °C
Repeatability 0.5%


Medium Non-corrosive gas
Operating Temp. & Humid. 0 … 50°C / 20 … 90%RH(Non-condensing)
Storage Temp. -20 … 85°C
Fitting pressure 16 bar


Power supply DC 24 V±10%
Current consumption 24 V:110 mA
Electrical connection M12


Duct type Metal flange mount
Flange pipe type R1/2″ movable thread
Inline type 2′′ … 6′′
1/2′′ … 2′′


IP rating IP65(IP67 option)
Electrical protection ■ Reverse polarity
■ Over-voltage
■ Short-circuit


Body SUS304
Probe SUS304
Filter PC with glass fiber
Weight 480 g

Display and Operation

Display value 4 digits, Adjustable brightness
Measurement display Out1(Default is Flow m/s )
Unit selection Unit setting:[m/s], [ft/s], [Nm3 /h], [L/min],[°C], [°F]
Function selection Output options:0 … 10 V, 4 … 20 mA
Pipe setting range:20 … 9999 mm
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