Kofloc Model 6700 Series Pressure Regulating Valve

The pressure regulating valve controls the pressure applied to the flow to keep it constant or reduce the pressure during flow control. Pressure regulating valve are classified into reducing valves and back-pressure valves. Reducing valves make the outlet-side pressure constant when the pressure on the inlet side changes, and are used at the first stage of systems in general. Meanwhile, back-pressure valves are a kind of constant-volume relief valve that remove gas while keeping the primary-side pressure constant.

This regulating valve is a larger version of our 6600 regulator. The design is compact, yet it permits quick, reliable, high-accuracy pressure regulation in a large flow range.


  • Compact regulating valve for large flow
    The compact, lightweight valve has excellent control characteristics in a large flow range, ensuring the repeatability of ±1% when the primary and secondary pressure change.
  • Complete fluid shutoff
    When the secondary pressure is set at 0, it functions also as a stop valve.
  • Ideal for in-line mounting
    The fluid inlet and outlet are provided on the sides of the body, permitting, easy in-line piping.
  • Non-bleed type
    This non-bleed type valve has passed stringent leak tests, thus eliminating concerns.



Model 6700A 6700B
Maximum primary pressure 0.9MPa
Secondary control pressure 0.01-0.3MPa 0.05-0.6MPa
Minimum operating differential
Proof pressure 1MPa
Repeatability Within ±1% of the pressure rating
Heat resistance 5℃-60℃
Flow rating See the graph.
Connection end Rc 3/8 (standard), Rc 1/4
Materials of parts in contact
with fluids
(A) Al, BSBM, NBR, POM, SUS316
(SS)SUS316, FKM, fluorocarbon resin


Datasheet : Kofloc Model 6700 Series Pressure Regulating Valve

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