Siko SG10 Draw-Wire Encoder

Miniature wire-actuated encoder for capturing measurement distances with a maximum measuring length of 2000 mm.

Length measurement technology with SIKO wire-actuated encoders

SIKO wire-actuated encoders  have been in use for many years in the field of length measuring technology and have already proved their worth in different conditions, including difficult conditions Robust compact design, with maximum precision and reliability are the criteria that are set as the most important goals for every new development in this area.

Only a wire-actuated encoder can be used as a linear measured displacement encoder for many applications, because no guided sensor systems can be used due to the spatial constellation.

Wire-actuated encoders are flexible with respect to integration and interfaces

The easy assembly and guiding of the wire pull-out mean that the measuring system can be integrated in existing systems simply and flexibly. Different interfaces and output signals make it possible to connect to a vast range of different control concepts.

Wire-Actuated Encoders Are Robust, even in Adverse Conditions

Thanks to the possibility of attaching various rotary encoders, wire-actuated encoders provide a wide range of possibilities for use, regardless of what signal output is required.  The user is able to assemble the encoder himself or herself using simple means. Outdoor use, something that can never be ruled out for mobile machines in particular, is already standard for the wire-actuated position encoders, which meet the necessary prerequisites: working temperature ranging from -40°C to +80°C, robust casing that can include outlets by means of which fluid in the device can be drained off again.

Basic design of SIKO wire-actuated encoders

The way it works is very simple: a measuring wire is wound onto an internal drum in one layer, guaranteeing very high linearity across the entire measurement range. When the wire is pulled out, the drum rotates. The angle sensor connected directly to the drum axis registers this rotation and produces a measurement signal that is proportional to the wire movement and that can be evaluated at will. The wire is returned using a spiral spring on the rotational axis of the drum. Because the wire is simply attached to the measurement object, especially little effort is required for assembly.

Guide rollers make indirect measurement distances possible

This eliminates the need for additional guide systems or the installation of energy supply chains. In addition, the flexible wire enables linear position measurements at inaccessible points. Indirect measuring paths can also be realized with the aid of deflection rollers.

Wide range of measurement distances

From compact designs in miniature format from a measurement length of 600 mm to solutions with wire pull-out lengths of 15 m, these wire-actuated encoders cover almost the entire range of industrial use.


  • Temperature range up to -40° C
  • Robust even when wet and dirty
  • Easy installation of the wire extension
  • Flexible system integration of any output signals and interfaces
  • Optional increased safety thanks to redundant sensors


  • Compact design
  • Universally applicable thanks to standardized interfaces
  • Easy mounting
  • Measurement lengths up to max. 2000 mm
  • Potentiometer, voltage, power output or incremental encoder
  • Housing made of reinforced plastic


Only a wire-actuated encoder can be used as a linear measured displacement encoder for many applications, because no guided sensor systems can be used due to the spatial constellation.


Feature Technical data Additional information
Housing reinforced plastic
Wire design ø0.45 mm rustproof stainless steel, plastic-coated
ø0.45 mm rustproof stainless steel
Extension force ≥2 N
Measured distance/ rope drum revolution 100 mm
Cable length ≤30 m P10 + MWI encoder type
≤20 m MWU encoder type
Weight ~0.2 kg


Datasheet: Siko SG10 Draw-Wire Encoder

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