Wenglor LD86PA3 Retro Reflex Sensor Universal

reflector must be used in combination with these sensors. They can be installed in all kinds of industrial environments thanks to ample functional reserve.

A reflector must be used in combination with these sensors. They can be installed in all kinds of industrial environments thanks to ample functional reserve. Even reflective objects can be reliably recognized through the use of polarized light.


  • Switching distance adjuster
  • Stainless steel housing


Presence Check of Reusable Containers on Roller Conveyors with Retro-Reflex Sensors

In breweries, reusable containers (KEG) must be transported between different work steps such as washing, filling or palletizing on roller conveyors. To prevent jamming and allow the continuous flow of material, the containers must be recorded and counted at several locations. Retro-reflex sensors installed on the side of the roller conveyors reliably detect beverage containers despite reflective, matt, light or black surfaces.

Universal Retro-Reflex Sensors

Universal retro-reflex sensors are suitable for the detection of glossy, chrome-plated or reflective surfaces thanks to the polarization filter. They work with red light or laser light. Objects are detected by interrupting the light beam between the sensor and the reflector.


Optical Data

Range 6,000 mm
Reference Reflector/Reflector Foil RQ100BA
Switching Hysteresis  < 15 %
Light Source Red Light
Polarization Filter yes
Service Life (T = +25 °C) 100,000 h
Max. Ambient Light 10,000 Lux
Opening Angle 5 °
Two-Lens Optic yes

Electrical Data

Supply Voltage 10 … 30 V DC
Current Consumption (Ub = 24 V) < 40 mA
Switching Frequency 1 kHz
Response Time 500 µs
Temperature Drift < 10 %
Temperature Range -10 … 60 °C
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 2.5 V
PNP Switching Output/Switching Current 200 mA
Residual Current Switching Output < 50 µA
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Overload Protection yes
Protection Class III

Mechanical Data

Setting Method Potentiometer
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Full Encapsulation yes
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 × 1; 4-pin


PNP NO/NC antivalent yes

Adjustable parameters

Circuit NC


Datasheet : Wenglor LD86PA3 Retro Reflex Sensor Universal

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