Siko DA10R/1 Digital Position Indicator

Siko DA10R/1 Digital Position Indicator With its mechanical digital displays, or DA for short, SIKO offers an original and sophisticated product line.

Siko DA10R/1 Digital Position Indicator With its mechanical digital displays, or DA for short, SIKO offers an original and sophisticated product line.

The highly customizable, functional concept is known the world over, and its interplay of variable gear ratios and counters that can be configured on a modular basis is unique. The position indicators from the DA range constitute a further development of analog handwheel technology. However, the “Nonius’’, a type of precision measuring gage on handwheel indicators, can only display the values of one spindle revolution. But what if several revolutions have to be documented?

This calls for a technology that is functional and robust and has two special features:

  • a display with several digits, including a decimal point and a fine meter reader for optimum precision of readings
  • a gear that, order picked according to customer wishes, translates adjacent axle revolutions into a display scale that can be quickly understood.

Mechanical-digital position indicators make format adjustments child’s play

With the original counters from SIKO, position values can be checked reliably directly on the axle or spindle. Simply plug onto the shaft, lock, and done – thanks to sophisticated technology, the small “indicators in orange“are in tireless use as spindle position indicators worldwide a million times.

Siko DA10R/1 Position indicators from SIKO are being used in all production environments across most branches of industry, as guiding elements, material stops or tools must be positioned or aligned precisely and reliably on nearly all machines or units.

Mechanical-digital position indicators are very versatile

The digital position indicators are ideal for monitoring roller adjustment on sheet metal bending machines. The solid cast design of the SIKO position indicators withstands extreme mechanical influences under tough conditions such as those on round sheet polishing machines, ensuring exact manufacturing. They are used with particular versatility in woodworking. In this area, several work steps are often performed on a single machine, with plates cut and milled and edges glued and polished. SIKO counters are ideal adjustment aids in the metal, plastic and woodworking industries.

Siko DA10R/1 Benefits

  • High service life thanks to continuous development
  • Clear and precisely controllable digital display values
  • Modifiable displays thanks to custom-made transformation ratios
  • Problem-free and cost-efficient retrofit ability
  • Easy mounting thanks to hollow shaft snap-on technique


  • Version with two counters (4 or 5 decades) and fine reading
  • Predestined for use with wood milling machines
  • Hollow shaft, max. Ø 30 mm
  • Display can be designed for “mm” or “inch”


SIKO position indicators are the attractive solution for the control and display of measured values

Original SIKO counters for mounting directly onto adjustment axes. Position values can be gathered with high precision and easily read.


Mechanical data

Feature Technical data Additional information
Housing reinforced plastic
Counter 4, 5 decades, fine reading
Digit height ~7 mm
Weight 0.1 kg

max. speed

Display (after 1st revolution) max. speed [rpm]
00010 500   (1500)
00015 500   (1000)​
00020 500   (750)​
00025 500   (600)​
00030 500
00040 375
00050 300
00060 250
00080 180
00100 150

Ambient conditions

Feature Technical data Additional information
Ambient temperature 0 … 80 °C


Siko DA10R/1 Digital Position Indicator

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